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Since man first tied rocks to sticks, the races of Rivellon have been striving to find better ways to kill each other. Any fool with a hand can be taught how to swing a sword, but those who have learned the intricacies of martial combat are a class all unto themselves. These warriors, with a shield in one hand and a melee weapon hefted in the other, have been taught from childhood how to parry, thrust, and kill. Some learned their art in noble halls, surrounded by well-paid instructors; others learned it in alleyways, on street corners, or knee-deep in gore on a wasted battlefield, surrounded by people who were trying to kill them. To be a master at martial warfare is to know how to fight in any situation. Whether you are rushing across the battlefield to engage with the enemy, taunting a foe to draw them away from a friend, or simply having the power to rain a flurry of blows down on your opponents, you will always be well�prepared for whatever the world throws at you.

Modern Chronicles of Reaper's Coast, par Cranley Huwbert

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