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The rock may feel solid beneath your feet, but to a well-trained Geomancer it can flow like water or fly like the wind. Geomancy takes the power of earth and bends it to its master’s will. Geomancers will hurl boulders through the air as if throwing a ball for a dog, will cover their bodies with rock to form thick, sturdy armour, and will reach deep underground to draw up the liquids resting below. While rigid stone forms the backbone of any geomancer’s spellbook, oil and putrid poison pulled from the earth’s depths are the ink on the pages. Geomancers can be found all over the world, in all walks of life. Some farmers will even try their hand at this world of magic at one point or another, thinking they can trick nature into serving their crop without going through the proper agricultural training. The fortunate can often be found endeavouring to tend to poisoned fields – the unfortunate are never found at all. True masters of geomancy are extremely rare, and will often live in exquisitely-designed caves, where they can be surrounded by the element that gives them strength and security.

Modern Chronicles of Reaper's Coast, par Cranley Huwbert

Géomanciens notables[]

Autres géomanciens

  • Attenberah

Sorts notables[]

Original Sin II[]

Nom Effet Maîtrise
Contamination Inflige [1] aux ennemis autour de vous et peut les empoisonner. Transforme les surfaces et nuages d'eau ou de sang en poison !
Fléchette empoisonnée Tire une fléchette magique empoisonnée qui inflige [1] et crée une flaque de poison.
Fortification Confère [1]. Tant que la cible est sous le coup de Renforcement, elle ne peut être téléportée. Supprime les effets d'Empoisonnement, d'Hémorragie, de Brûlure, d'Acide et de Putréfaction.

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