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There is a long history of summoning creatures in Rivellon. Witches have their companions, demonologists have their hell beasts, and shamans have their totems. Although each of these are unique in their own way, they all pull from the same well of magic, and all transform the world to bring forth creatures that did not exist before. If you wish for an animal companion, you can draw from the power within yourself to summon one. If you wish to bring for an elemental totem, you can draw from the elements around you to bring one forth. If you wish for a demon… heavens help you. However, you can offer some of the source within yourself and summon a demon to give you its strength. One can even give the elements life, creating an incarnate elemental creature to stand by your side. Although practitioners of this magic can be found all over Rivellon, there are precious few who have mastered it in all its forms.

Modern Chronicles of Reaper's Coast, par Cranley Huwbert

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