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The fire-masters claim that they learned their craft from the dragons themselves, that these great beasts once saw such promise in the lesser races that they graced them with their greatest gift – the power to guide the one element that defies all authority and discipline. This is the only explanation available, but it does seem unlikely. If you have ever seen a fire tear through a home, then you will know that this element is wild and strong-willed, but an experienced pyrokinetic can harness and direct its power. Pyrokinetics can send jets of flame shooting across a battlefield, summon powerful fire whips to lash their enemies, and blind those that get in their way. However, there is debate as to whether any pyrokinetic, no matter how powerful, can ever truly master the flames. Fire is guided, urged, and directed towards a purpose, but no pyrokinetic can fully control what happens once the flames have been unleashed. Indeed, there are stories of wizards that saw madness in the fire and let the blaze control them. These invariably become the stories of towns wiped out, leaving nothing but charred husks and the laughter of a lunatic.

Modern Chronicles of Reaper's Coast, par Cranley Huwbert

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