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A Bottle of Wine is a side quest in Divine Divinity obtained from Corinna as part of Do I Want to Summon a Demon?. Refusing or obtaining the quest Fireworks before beginning this quest can prevent completing certain routes.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  1. Talk to Pierce about the wine.
  2. Ask Anthrabert for his bottle.
  3. Either:
    • Complete the quest Fireworks.
    • Purchase a standard bottle of wine.
  4. Return to Corinna.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Corinna needs a bottle of exquiste wine for the summoning ritual and was told that Pierce over at Pierce's Wine Barrel would have the specific wine. Unfortunately he sold his last bottle to Anthrabert who now resides in the Ducal Inn.

There are two options from here:

If the quest Fireworks was offered by Anthrabert prior to obtaining this quest, obtaining the exquisite wine is not possible.

Regardless of the route taken, return to Corinna and hand over the wine.