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A Dark Matter is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin

Quick walkthrough[]

Side quest: A Dark Matter
Speak to the Immaculate at Hilda's camp
Speak to Fabricio at the 2nd camp
Head to the building at the North East corner of the map
Fight your way through and confront the Conduit

Detailed walkthrough[]

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This quest is obtained when you speak to either the Immacualte at Hilda's Camp or Fabricio in his camp.


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  • With a high enough telekinesis skill, it's possible to steal the blood stone before triggering the cutscene with the Conduit. The cutscene paralysis is triggered by moving too close to the altar and if the blood stone is moved beyond this area, it can be picked up without being paralyzed. After picking it up, the blood stone can be used just like any other stone as long as you place it on the skillbar (there is no 'use' option in the right-click context menu). Using it will unlock a room at the homestead. This theft is not acknowledged by the game and the Conduit will run away with the inert stone.