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A Guards Memoirs (Work in Progress) is a book in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Located in the barracks on the ground floor, on the bed closest to the fireplace.


Cor blimey, that Peavy is a right pain in the backside! The boys and me were havin' a laugh and playing throw-the-chicken at the trolls further down the Valley. It got to Peavy's turn and he turned as white as a sheet and started sobbing like some baby. The boys were having none of it and started to dance around like crazy chickens. It was right hilarious it was! He ran off like someone had lit his pants on fire. I pity the poor man who has to serve duty with him! Who wants to be landed with 'Chicken Peavy'? Just make this sound near him and he jumps out of his skin: buk buk baaaaaaaaaaak hahaha!