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The inhabitants of Broken Valley have to deal with their share of outlaws, but luckily I am here to bring justice.

A Hunting We Shall Go is a side quest started by reading the wanted board in the barracks in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Find and murder the following targets:

  • Hjalmar - The burned chapel terror and dangerous beholder. Bring his mask as proof of his death.
  • Hallorn - cave dweller, scourge of the tower roads. Bring his ring as proof of his death.
  • Yup'ik - goblin shaman, the mine guild’s arch-enemy. Bring his staff as proof of his death.
  • Viper - the one-blow-butcher, at large in the valley. Bring his sword as proof of his death.
  • Jagon - the elusive bandit leader. Location unknown. Bring his necklace as proof of his death.

Turn in the quests to Capt. Rodney of the Broken Valley Village Barracks.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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Ego Draconis version[]

Individual bounties[]

  • Default:
  • Extra:

All bounties[]

  • Default: 1500 exp, 960 gold
  • Extra (2 choices): 1920 gold, 375 experience or random heroic items
  • Jurak's Armor

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

Individual bounties[]

  • Default: 1200 experience, 300 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 600 experience, 150 gold, random lesser quality potions, 1 random food/drink

All bounties[]

  • Default: 1800 experience, 700 gold
  • Extra (2 choices): 800 experience, 350 gold, random limited/lesser quality potions, 1 random lesser quality charm, 1 random magical quality weapon/armour
  • Cuirass of Jurak