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A Hunting We Shall Go Again is a quest in Orobas Fjords, accepted from the Sejanus in Champion Harbour.

Description Edit

Find and murder the menaces posted on the wanted board.


Divinity 2 Wanted Board (Champion Harbour)

Wanted board

  1. Find and kill Barnabus the Pale. Bring his mace.
  2. Find and kill Ragon. Bring his ring.
  3. Find and kill Alutiiq the beholder. Bring his mask.
  4. Find and kill Moor. Bring his ledger.
  5. Find and kill Alrik. Bring his necklace.
  6. Return to Sejanus in Champion Harbour.


Each kill that is turned in rewards:

  • 4500 exp and 800 gold, plus one choice from: 2250 exp, 400 gold, 1 body part, 1 gem, 10 herbs, 5 ore, or 3 potions.

Completing all five rewards:


You do not have to kill the targets in order. In fact, you can kill them all before you ever speak to Sejanus and the quest will still succeed when you finally speak with him.


  • Sometimes if you complete the quest without talking to Sejanus first the quest will be impossible to turn in. (Dragon Knight Saga) (360 Confirmed)
    • Try interacting with the bounty sign located near Sejanus. After reading each of the bounties, the icon above Sejanus’ head should change to a question mark. Speaking with him again will allow you to turn the necessary items needed to complete the quest. (Dragon Knight Saga) (360)

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