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A Hunting We Shall Go Once More is a quest offered by Balbus at the Circle of Trust Inn in the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Read the wanted board posted at the inn for the bounty notifications. They can be performed in any order.


Quest ItemsEdit

Carmina's Necklace icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Carmina's Necklace
A nice-looking necklace worn by Cutthroat Carmina.
Jango's Bracelet icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Jango's Bracelet
A shiny bracelet that was worn by Jango - it has a strange smell to it.
Mysus' Book of Contacts icon (D2 FoV quest item)

Mysus' Book of Contacts
A book that details all of Mysus' contacts. There are quite a lot of them in there and, curiously enough, all of them are male.


Return to Balbus after defeating the targets and acquiring the items you need.

Each bounty (sub-quests):

  • 4873 exp and 600 gold
  • One choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 1 gem, 25 herbs, or 5 ore

Main quest (complete all three bounties):

Total quest rewards:

  • 20830 exp, 3100 gold, 1 skill book, and Caracalla's Warhammer
  • Maximum additional exp: 10410 (total: 31240 exp)
  • Maximum additional gold: 3100 (total: 6200 gold)
  • Maximum item choices: 5