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I need to acquire a small quantity of Drudanae. Jedediah advised me to look around in High Hall. However, he informed me that this herb has been declared illegal and thus won't be easy to find.

A Puff of Drudanae is a sub-quest of Down the Hatch, given by Jedediah at the Dragon Cliff Castle in the Orobas Fjords.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Method One:

  1. Travel to High Hall.
  2. Purchase Drudanae from Nicolas (ask if he has anything "special" for sale after dealing with the trolls for Quintus).

Method Two:

  1. Travel to High Hall.
  2. Mindread Nicolas: he will reveal the location of the key to his cellar.
  3. Enter the house behind him and take the key from beneath his pillow.
  4. Enter the trapdoor at the foot of his bed.
  5. Harvest the Drudanae plant.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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  • The Drudanae herb has between 2 and 5 Drudanae.
  • The player may wish to quick save and quick load to obtain the maximum number of Drudanae because they sell for 1000 gold each.