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A Shell on the Beach is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak with Ishmashell
  • Decide to:
    • Return him back to the sea
    • Take Ishmashell


From the Waypoint Shrine on the south beach, head southeast along the coastal path. At the end of the path Ishmashell can be found lamenting being beached and want to return to the sea. Speak to the shell and he will explain his plight and desire to return to the watery depths, offering a reward in exchange for assistance.

If the Source Hunters disagree, they will resort to a rock, paper scissors challenge to determine the path taken. The choices made will affect their ego or altruism.

If the decision to return him to the sea is made, Ishmashell will return to the depths and throw out a chest containing Mermaid's kiss and potentially other items. If taken by the Source Hunters, he can be sold or consumed for a +10% permanent Water Resistance bonus. You can also cook him to make Cooked Ishmashell and eat him for infectious disease.