This quest is obtained from Ishmashell, southeast of the Cyseal Beach South Waypoint Portal.


  1. Speak to Ishmashell and exhaust all dialogue options until "I need to decide...".
  2. There are two options that give either Altruistic +1 or Egotistical +1 based on the dialog choices:
    • Agree to return the shell to the sea for a chest with some decent loot.
    • Refuse to release the shell and pick it up into your inventory. You can sell IshmashellDOS Items Quest Ishmashell or consume him raw for a +10% permanent Water Resistance bonus. You can also cook him to make Cooked Ishmashell and eat him for DOS Status Effect Infectious DiseaseInfectious Disease-3 Constitution
      -2 Body Building
      Can infect nearby creatures

      Removed by:
      DOS Skill Cleansing Water Cleansing Water
      DOS Skill Doctor Doctor


  • 40 Exploration xp
  • 100 Quest xp
  • Altruistic +1 or Egotistical +1
  • Random loot from the chest or IshmashellDOS Items Quest Ishmashell *usually Ring Mermaid's Kiss
  • +10% permanent Water Resistance if you consume IshmashellDOS Items Quest Ishmashell


  • Most likely, Ishmashell's name is a reference to Ishmael, the protagonist of Herman Melville's most famous novel, Moby Dick.
  • Melville's Ishmael was named after Abraham's illegitimate son, who was sent into exile with his mother following the birth of his legitimate son Isaac. (Genesis 21:11-21)