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A Source Hunter's Journey is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. It's the main quest of the game and its journal entry tracks the main events in the game.


For a list of the quests in the game, see Quests (Original Sin).

Journal entries[]

  1. We're ready for our first assignment: It seems the Murder of Councillor Jake is a clear-cut case of Sourcery, and we're ready to nab the perpetrator. We landed on the beach east of our destination, so we should head westward towards the city of Cyseal.
  2. We were waylaid by a group of tomb raiders escaping with a stone of some kind. Their leader used necromancy: a further indication that Source is in play in Cyseal. We could investigate the tomb or keep heading towards the city.
  3. We met an angry undead in the catacomb from which the tomb raiders emerged. He told us they stole a 'Blood Stone'; an ominous nome, to be sure.
  4. We wandered straight into an orc assault on the beaches if Cyseal, but they were no match for us in combat. They were lead by a human, and it can hardly be a coincidence that he was dressed like the tomb raiders we met earlier. What on earth is going on here?
  5. We met with Arhu, wizard capable of turning himself into a cat- or is it vice versa? He told us to meet with Captain Aureus, the ranking officer in Cyseal, in the Legion Headquarters.