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A Trapped Friend is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]


In Verdistis, Lucian encounters Diana, whose cat, Cosmo dropped in shaft leading to cellar of building that merchants use. It is not possible to wander into the cellar because only member of the Merchants guild are able to enter it along side this the members dislike cats which makes it impossible to ask them about the cat. The only possible choice is to join Merchants guild either by killing Maria, restoring her reputation, or by paying hefty entry fee of 10 000 gold coins.

Once Lucian becomes a member he was granted an access to the archives. More keys were found in the writing table right on the entrance to cellar, where Cosmo was trapped.

When united with Cosmo, Diana shares a secret; two men placed something into a chicken house at the animal gutter of Verdistis.