The Abandoned Cave is a location under the Mardaneus Plaza district of Aleroth that is accessible during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


The trapdoor entrance is behind a fence, northwest of the Circle of Trust Inn (a.k.a. Emergency Barracks). You'll find several ore veins and a few chests in the cave, but no quests take place here and there are no unique or set items within. Exploration of the cave is purely optional, and due to the relatively low level of enemies, is most beneficial in terms of experience if done early in the game. This cave is occupied by level 36 Ghosts, Skeletons, and Zombies. In addition to the chests and ores, there are a significant number of crates and barrels which may contain random loot or up to around 300 gold.

Proceed east from the entrance, then turn left (north) to find an unlocked chest containing random loot. Turn around and head south, following the curve east. In the large room with a campfire, notice the wooden platform structure above the ground. Climb the rocks to your right (south), to find the Abandoned Key. Cross the platform to the north side, and unlock the Abandoned Chest containing random loot. Drop down to the ground, and continue east.

There are three Red Ore veins near the corner as the tunnel curves south. In the next room there is a fork where you can continue south up and go up a curving ramp, or turn east. There are enemies to slaughter to the south, but nothing else, so kill them first if you wish, then take the east fork.

You'll find three Black Rock ore veins along the tunnel heading east. You'll soon reach another room with a fork, where you can continue east or go south. Head south, mining the three Droxlerite veins along the way. Further south is a finished area, containing some furnishings and storage space. In the small room to the left (east) you'll find a locked chest along the north wall, which can be lockpicked for random loot.

Return to the fork and proceed east. The tunnel curves south, where you'll find two Iron ore veins near a large, glowing blue mushroom. Continue south, following the tunnel as it curves up and east. At the end you'll find an unlocked chest containing random loot.


All enemies are level 36: