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Father Abbott is a monk who is found at the Forgotten Crypt under Crow's Nest in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


He is the last living monk from the abbey whose underground remnants make up the Forgotten Crypt.

In search of an extremely rare sorcery tome, Abbott and Brother Charles are responsible for summoning the spirit of the Engineer. Once free, it took possession of Charles' body and initiated the plague of undead that is wreaking havoc upon the city. Abbott accepts full responsibility for the events that have transpired, and would like to help you put a stop to the Engineer.

To that end, he offers to sacrifice his life by intentionally activating the final trap in the Forgotten Crypt so that the Dragon Knight can pass unharmed. However, if Skulk is mindread during all three encounters in the crypt, you learn a spell that Abbott can cast to disarm the trap. If he lives, Abbott follows you to Source Square to confront the Engineer and disarms traps while you're fighting. He remains in Source Square afterwards.


  • In his room when first met, for 15000 exp: "I saw something glistening in that torch, but I'm afraid to burn my fingers." - A hint to search for the key to the small chest (contains Shadow Archer Bracelet) in a burning torch in Abbott's room.
  • Near the final trap, for 7500 exp: "I'll stop the Engineer even if it means my death! At least my sacrifice will give my ally a chance."

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