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Adramahlihk is an archdemon who as of 1242 AD operates from the Black House in Arx.


An old and cunning archdemon with various contacts. Adramahlihk is an immortal demon, desiring the power of Divinity. Before being affiliated with Lohse, Adramahlihk possessed a young elf named Eleanalessa. A doctor — Daeva — found this girl and brought her to Bloodmoon Island for exorcism. The priests of the island refused to exorcise her, since Adramahlihk was too powerful for them. Instead they sealed her in their deepest vaults.

However Daeva attempted the exorcism nonetheless, being eager to prove himself. The result was catastrophic. Adramahlihk took control of Eleanalessa and slaughtered most of the priests. While Eleanalessa was dying, as a result of failed exorcism, he possessed doctor Daeva and moved to his mansion in Arx, where he operated.

While in Arx he held the guise of a "good" doctor, when in reality he experimented on how to kill his patients in most painful ways. Alongside his patients there were countless mortals with whom he entered a pact. With each pact he managed to ensnare more souls, which made him even more powerful.

As of 1242 AD he held thousands, if not millions, of souls within his home plane. He possessed the godwoken Lohse in order to gain the power of Divinity.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

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