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You see, I've found the demon's home plane. Many of our kind have them - a quiet place off the beaten path of most universes, where one can... be alone. Typically with all the *ahem* souls one has ensnared.

Adramahlihk's Home Plane is a dimension accessed by the Godwoken and Malady in 1242 AD.


This dimension is the home plane of arch-demon Adramahlihk, when mortal makes a pact with him, the mortal's soul when its time comes, or they try to defy the demon, becomes trapped in this plane.

Due to this place being completely under the arch-demon's command the souls "stored" here take form of a small flame upon a candle made of black wax.

In 1242 AD Lohse came here with Malady and Godwoken in order to weaken the demon. To do so however she had to destroy all the candles, and souls trapped in this place had been destroyed. With the arch-demon's death however all souls under its thrall were freed, including Eleanalessa.


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Dumora Lam chest

Chest containing wand Dumora Lam

  • The location is small. However there are few things worth a note.
  • At X:39,Y:1092 is a chest locked with,Giant fire rune of power, Giant vemon rune of power and Giant thunder rune of power.
    • Inside the chest is a unique wand Dumora Lam and some random loot.
  • The first candle is located at: X:69,Y:1061
  • Second and third candle is located at: X:111,Y:1090
  • The last soul candles are located at: X:158,Y:1055



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  • This location can be accessed only if Lohse is in the party and Malady is alive

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