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Aetera is an Eternal entombed in an Ancient Temple within Blackpits Mines that was uncovered in 1242 AD.


During the time of the Eternals Civil War between the God King and the The Seven Gods, Aetera was fiercely loyal to the King. In order to help the King combat the Seven who had started getting empowered by Source from the Veil, Aetera began development of a weapon powerful enough to destroy them: the Aeteran. But before she could complete it she was captured and entomed in what was to become the Blackpit Mines.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

If Fane is in your party, and anywhere near the area when someone opens the sarcophagus, Aetera will always talk to Fane regardless of who opened it. Of all the possible conversations with the Eternal Aetera, having her speak to Fane (and his corresponding god Amadia) gives the most insight into what happened to the ancient Eternal civilization, who the Seven Gods really are and how much she profoundly hates Fane for how he helped caused the civil war among the Eternals. She'll treat anyone else with extreme arrogance, considering them a simple "beast" or "source vat". Lohse's conversation is also different, as her inner demon will be able to speak directly to Aetera and have slightly different conversation options.

Related Quests[]

  • The Midnight Oil

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