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So many pretty things one can buy from Madam Tiffany. Alas, I can’t even afford breakfast!

Agnes is a haggard-looking woman who can be found in the Great Market district of Aleroth browsing Tiffany's wares outside the Phoenix Inn in 1300 AD.


When engaged in conversation, Agnes mentions that Tiffany has a lot of beautiful jewelry, but she is too poor to afford breakfast, let alone the ruby ring she has her eye on. She goes on to say that misery and poverty is all she has known since her husband passed away, and she has been reduced to begging and relying on the Healers' House to survive. Unfortunately, since much of the healers' food that was destined for the poor has been stolen, her situation seems especially dire. You can offer to buy her breakfast (which she humbly refuses), or splurge on buying her the piece of jewelry she'd like for 500 gold. She offers her thanks if you do.

Interactions with Player character[]


* You can call her bluff, and tell her to leave the area before you call the Champions, or threaten to cut her throat unless she hands over all her misgotten gains. Doing so rewards you with three gems: a pyrite, opal, and malachite.

  • Regardless of your choice, she flees the Great Market immediately after being exposed as a fraud.


If I keep up the act I'll break even a Dragon's heart and that jewel will be mine. Wouldn't be the first sucker to fall for my schemes. Just a couple more softies and I can live the life of a noblewoman
This only reveals her intentions behind begging


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