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A cool wind blows from the Spring Realm of Vernivia directly into this feather-light, enchanted orb.

Air essence is a type of crafting component in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II.


Air essence is an ingredient used for crafting Aerotheurge scrolls and potions such as Potion of Jellyfish Skin and arrows.


High Quality Air Essense
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Alien Air Essence
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Following table shows all creatures which have a chance to drop the item upon death. Highlighted creatures in this table have 100 % chance to drop said item. Note that creatures may drop other items as well.

Creature Location Creature Location
Trippel Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
Magister Knight
Fort Joy Harbour


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Following table shows all items for which this item is used for. Note that for more powerful Aerotheurge scrolls a better quality Air essence is required. If the scroll utilises base Air essence it is possible to use higher quality essence as substitute. In short you cannot use Air Essence in recipe requiring Alien Air Essence or High Quality Air Essence.

Items craftable with Air Essence
Item Type Item Type
Blinding Radiance Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Blinding Radiance Scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll Electric Discharge Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Electric Discharge scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll
Favorable Wind scroll Aerotheurge Scroll Shocking Touch Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Shocking Touch scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll
Teleportation Scroll
Teleportation scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll Potion of Jellyfish Skin
Potion of Jellyfish Skin
Shocking Arrow
Shocking Arrow
Ammunition Shocking Arrowhead
Shocking Arrowhead
Crafting component
Thunderbolt Grenade
Thunderbolt Grenade

Items craftable with High Quality Air Essence
Item Type Item Type
Nether Swap Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Nether Swap scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll Apportation scroll Aerotheurge Scroll

Items craftable with Alien Quality Air Essence
Item Type Item Type
Superconductor Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Superconductor scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll Tornado Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Tornado scroll
Aerotheurge Scroll


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