Description[edit | edit source]

Enchant self or ally with an air shield that absorbs X damage from all sources (not only Air). Does not stack with other elemental shield spells.
100% base chance to set Air Shield.png Shielded (Air)Immune to DOS Status Effect Stunned.pngStunned
20% Chance to DOS Status Effect Stunned.pngStun Melee Attackers
+50% Air Resistance
-25% Earth Resistance

Skill: Air Shield.png Air Shield

Shielded (Air)[edit | edit source]

  • Immune to being Electrified (DOS Status Effect Stunned.pngStunnedCannot Move or Act )
  • 20% chance to (DOS Status Effect Stunned.pngStunCannot Move or Act ) melee attackers on contact
  • Duration: 3 turns
  • Earth Resistance: -25%
  • Air Resistance: +50%
  • Damage shield (against all damage) equal to the target's maximum vitality

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