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Allows creation and combination of potions and poisons.
Skill description

Alchemy is a passive Survivor skill in Divine Divinity.


This skill allows player to create potions and poisons as well as mix potions.

Rank Required level Effects
1 3 Allows player to mix two of any sized potions together.
2 9 Allows player to combine small flasks with herbs and mushrooms in the world to create small potions with small vials
3 15 Increases potential potion size from herbs up to normal.
4 21 Increases potential potion size from herbs up to super.
5 27 Allows for the creation of the largest potions using augmentor in crafting.


  • On items with suffix of the Herbalist
  • Medicus will upgrade alchemy by one level if Lucian brings him a herb growing near the talking tree.


  • Attempting too complex a recipe will result in failing the mixing, which results in losing the ingredients, be it vials or herbs/mushrooms.
  • When mixing, the resulted potion is as big as the smallest potion being used in the recipe. It's not possible to mix minor potions with super potions even with maxed alchemy.