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The Aleroth catacombs is a dungeon below Aleroth.


The Aleroth Catacombs are a system of abandoned Elven catacombs running beneath Aleroth, accessible through a cave beneath the statue in the centre of town. After the healers of Aleroth refused to help Thelyron cheat death, he moved into the catacombs to conduct his experiments undisturbed. His experiments have left the catacombs full of undead.


Upon entering the catacombs, there is a door on the southern wall which leads to a room with a rock surrounded by candles and a warning from Mardaneus about venturing further into the catacombs. Pulling the lever on the northern door will open the door on the eastern side. Following the corridor to the east a door on the eastern wall can be seen; however it is locked and can only be opened with the sapphire key further in. North, through the door at the end, is room with a note depicting the torture of Roland, a former servant of Thelyron, a magic orb and several skeletons.

From here a door on the western wall will lead into the next room. A door on the south of the eastern wall will lead to a room with the sapphire key (used to open the locked door seen earlier,) and another magic orb. Heading south, and dealing with the skeletons, through the door on the south wall; one can open the locked door seen earlier (on the western wall this time) before passing through one of the southern doors. In the room through the south eastern door there is the third and final magic orb. Following the passage south and west there is a door leading into a study with a summoning circle in the centre. Lighting the candles will summon a unique skeletal warrior, which is immediately hostile. Pull the lever on the northern door to continue west. At the end of the pass Smiruk can be found with his orcs looking for the magic axe slasher. The passage south and then east leads to a cross roads; heading south and lighting the candle in front of Sylvena's statue will summon Gregar Brock, who will be a temporary companion until either Lucian departs the catacombs or Brock is killed.

Heading through the northern door will lead to a room with three pentagrams, and a locked door in the north eastern corner. Placing a magic orb on each pentagram will open a portal which teleports Lucian behind the locked door. In here there are several bats, a staircase up to the graveyard in north Aleroth and a staircase down to the next floor. Head through the downward staircase and into the catacombs proper.