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For a nightmare that attacks the Godwoken at Horrorsleep, see Alexandar (Horrorsleep).

Alexandar known as bishop Alexandar The Innocent is a Sourcerer and the leader of magisters in 1242 AD.


Lucian's only biological son, he was raised by Lucian along with his older brother, Damian, until the elder brother's lover Ygerna was slain.[1] As part of the military strategy, a plan had been devised with the assistance of the House of War to deploy deathfog in the elven forests. During the discussions with Ifan ben-Mezd regarding this plan, it was agreed that Ifan would travel to these lands to evacuate the elves inhabiting the forests, however, Alexandar took it upon himself to place the deathfog trigger on the evacuation scroll, dooming those who were to be saved.[2] Following Lucian's "death" in 1233 AD, Alexandar rose to replace his father in 1235 at the head of the Divine Order.

In his early days as the leader of the Order, Alexandar's role was to reforge the broken Order, damaged as such were these bonds that Alexandar had to intervene after a confrontation between the Magisters and Paladins threatened to spiral out of control in the holy city of Arx.[3] From the beginning of his rule, Alexandar and the Order's primary objective was to protect those under its care from a voidwoken a difficult task until 1242 following the discovery and second resurrection of Braccus Rex, who subsequently lead him to the Source collars and purging wands were discovered on Reaper's Eye within the remnants of Fort Joy.[4]

Following the discovery of these tools, his right hand, Dallis the Hammer, (who was very quick to reach this role in his leadership)[5] would persuade him to to banish Sourcerers to Reaper's Eye, wearing the collars that were discovered on that same island.[4] As a Sourcerer himself and proclaimed Godwoken chosen to be the next Divine, as his father before him, he too also was collared, albeit voluntarily.[5] His last open role as the leader of the order occurs here: at the north east harbour; beyond the Hollow Marshes, the disbanded Seekers, lead by Gareth Pryce and the Godwoken who had escaped the prison to the west, he and his Magisters attempted to defend themselves against not only this group, but the Voidwoken Deep-Dweller who was attracted to the area.

Defeated, he is taken aboard the Lady Vengeance as a captive and imprisoned on the lower deck. Escaping during Dallis and Vredeman's assault on the Lady Vengeance, Alexandar is declared murdered by the Seekers, passing control of the Order to Dallis. In reality, his now former right hand had attempted to assassinate him, however, he managed to escape with a contingent of magisters and paladins to the Nameless Isle and took shelter at the Temple of Tir-Cendelius, moving on to the Academy of the Seven in an attempt to rise to Divinity. Here, Dallis and Vredeman use the Aeteran to purge him of his Source, killing him.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Ifan has unique dialogue options with him. Alexandar also calls him by name not by his position (ie. Godwoken)
  • It is possible to persuade him to join the Godwoken in the Arena of the One

Related quests[]

  • A Wolf Alone - Alexandar is the target of Ifan ben-Mezd's questline and has to be defeated.
  • Lady o' War - When on the Lady Vengeance for the first time the godwoken has to acquire his necklace gem by inspecting his body to gain access to the rear cabin.
  • Unlikely Patron - The godwoken can gain solution to the Ancient Academy entrance puzzle by completing his quest which involves killing the Black Ring leader Sallow Man and bringing him his head as a proof of his death.
  • The Arena of the One
  • The Nameless Isle


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Following table shows all the changing stats and abilities of Alexandar across the locations in the game. Note that the values are for Classic Difficulty in Definitive Edition which contains un-modified values of the stats.

Location Level Health Armour (Physical / Magic) Damage Initiative / Action Points / Source Points Attributes Abilities / Talents Skills Resistances Immunities / Statuses
Abandoned Camp 8 304 292 / 248 30 - 38 15 / 6 / 0 Strength 17
Finesse 14
Intelligence 17
Constitution 17
Memory 14
Wits 15
Aerotheurge 1
Leadership 2
Perseverance 4

Walk It Off
Air + 20 %
Fire + 20 %

The Academy of the Seven / The Arena of the One 17 2290 2168 / 1843 159 - 193 22 / 6 / 3 Strength 26
Finesse 18
Intelligence 26
Constitution 26
Memory 20
Wits 22
Aerotheurge 2
Leadership 2
Perseverance 9

Walk It Off
Armor of Frost
Blinding Radiance
Dazing Bolt
Healing Ritual
Nether Swap
Spread Your Wings
Alexandar's Blessing
Closed Circuit
Steam Lance
Air + 20 %
Fire + 20 %

Faith Aura

Loot Table[]

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  • Stats present in infobox (except location and quest) are for the Academy of Seven encounter on Classic Difficulty in Definitive Edition.


  • In early access he was presented as an old man (seen on both portrait and model used in game).
  • He was the final boss in the Early Access of Divinity: Original Sin 2