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Alzbeta is a merchant who resides at Alzbeta's Emporium, next door to the Playhouse on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. When the Dragon Knight first enters her shop, she seems nervous and asks if you are a Champion. If asked about her "championphobia" she changes says that she has nothing to hide, and changes the subject.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Alzbeta sells weapons, armor, jewelry, and also stocks a few consumables (potions and charms). Amongst her wares are two unique items:


  • Can be performed at any time before embarking on the quest An Appetite For Murder. Mindreading her for 15000 exp lowers her prices by 25 percent, revealing: "I had better lower my prices to win the Dragon's favour. Just in case it is suspicious of me."
  • Can be performed during the quest An Appetite For Murder. When entering from the Sewer Tunnels you can mindread Alzbeta a second time, revealing: "Damned One be damned! How could I be so careless? If I had known a Dragon Knight would show up, I'd have hidden my diary! Uncle Carl warned me about that!" This causes Alzbeta's Diary to spawn on the desk in the back room, only if you have not yet activated the goblin totem secret in the store. (If you have activated it, the diary will not spawn.)

Related questsEdit

  • An Appetite For Murder - Alzbeta has been supplying Sir Gula with food, but he is utterly insatiable. She has turned to Dwayne for help acquiring enough food to meets Gula's demands. Violent and deranged, Dwayne's theft of food intended for the poor led to the healer Otto being murdered when he came to investigate. When it came time to dispose of the body, Dwayne butchered it and served it as meat pie. After dealing with Dwayne, Alzbeta is confronted.