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Alzbeta's Diary is a book belonging to Alzbeta that can be found on a desk in the back room of Alzbeta's Emporium during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. The diary explains a little about her involvement with Dwayne and Sir Gula. It also hints at using instruments may have an effect on the goblin totem in her store. It will be present only if both conditions are true:

  1. You have mindread her (15000 exp) when entering the store via the Sewer Tunnels entrance during the quest An Appetite For Murder.
  2. You have not activated the goblin totem in her store.

Goblin TotemEdit

Activating the goblin grants two skill points. To do this, alternate between using the harp and lute, going back and forth between the two. This can be done without obtaining or reading Alzbeta's diary.}}


One hundred chickens, twenty pigs, five cows, four dozen loaves of bread, two barrels of milk, fifteen barrels of wine. Remind Dwayne we need this per week now: the man does not stop! Where I must find all these supplies is beyond me. Ask Dwayne, he may know of other ... sources.

I also noticed that this goblin totem I acquired recently seems to react to musical notes. I tried different sequences and it definitely started shining, I wasn't dreaming! I don't know what kind of dark magic is behind this, but I sure won't play the harp or lute as long as that cursed totem is in my shop!