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Amadia also known as Goddess of Magic is one of the Seven Gods and is the Goddess of Wizards.


One of the seven Eternal lords who used to serve the God King, she betrayed her ruler when Fane advised her and seven others who were to become the Seven Gods and the god of demons, the Lord of Chaos, about the power and capabilities of Source. Usurping the God King with her conspirators, she banished their lord and the majority of the eternal race beyond the veil, casting them into the Void.

In order to gain more power through worship, she and the other gods created their own races; the sole purpose of which was to absorb their souls once they reached the Hall of Echoes upon death. Unlike the other gods however, Amadia embedded her power into individuals of the races of the other gods, blessing them with great intellect and the ability to cast magic; forming the race of wizards.

In the time period known as Anno Rivellonis, Chaos became greedy in his pursuit of power. Seeking to absorb the Source of all races, and a struggle for power ensued. Those who later came to be known as the Seven Gods, including Amadia, banished Chaos and the demon race to hell, preventing them for achieving their unified objective.

Although the gods remained largely absent from Rivellon, Amadia maintained a semi-active presence in the world. At the Sanctuary of Amadia, on the island of Reapers' Eye, Amadia maintained a watchful eye on the world. From her position on the island, she watched the tyranny the Sourcerer King, Braccus Rex, unleashed upon the island. By 1234 AD, her sanctuary has become an encampment for Gareth and his stranded band of Seekers, with only one follower attending to her shrine: Gratiana, the former concubine of the Sourcerer King. When the Godwoken encounter her shrine, she sheds her tears. Furthermore, in an attempt to wrestle control of Source from Lucian, she appoints Fane as her Godwoken champion.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

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