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Amyro is an elven prisoner at Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Amyro is an elf that was beaten and accused of stealing Griffs oranges. Because Griff doesnt have his oranges back and has no proof it was him he had him locked in a cage located in camp kitchen and refuses to let him go unless someone retrieves his goods.

Amyro can be initially found in the Camp Kitchen of the Fort Joy Ghetto, at coordinates X: 204 | Y: 129. After Amyro had been freed he will return to the Caverns (X: 215 Y: 90) and speak with Saheila.


Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

During your initial conversation with Amyro, Griff intervenes and demands that you cease communication with him. Refusal to comply with Griff's demands initiates combat. Alternatively, you can opt to inform Griff that you'll retrieve his missing supplies from Stingtail as a bargaining chip for Amyro's release, initiating the quest The Imprisoned Elf.

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  • Amyro is afflicted with a permanent Weakened status, which cannot be alleviated.