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Legends say this ancient weapon could even defeat the mighty Braccus Rex.

Anathema is a unique sword in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Anathema was a powerful demon whose soul was imprisoned within a sword and then shattered into two pieces. One of these pieces was guarded by Sulley family whose ancestor imprisoned one half of the sword on the Bloodmoon Isle.


  • One half lies in Bloodmoon Isle archives
  • the second half lies in Surrey tomb in Stonegarden

Related quests[]

  • Tarquin wishes to recreate this weapon to defeat Vredeman.
  • The player has to find weapon pieces and bring them to him
  • After the player brought the pieces to Tarquin they have to find out who Vredeman is (find a document in which Dallis says who Vredeman truly is) and then confront Tarquin - this can be done only in the final part of the game.