Ancient Healing Crystal Methods, Part Two is a book the player can find while exploring.

Many experiments were conducted in order to create a formula that would resemble the purity of t'he ancient crystals from Aleroth's Source. No ingredient and no species were spared during the experiments: everything living, dead or undead was used, but to no avail. Until one morning a Captain named Gerit stormed into the Ministry, enraged about the inept treatment the scores of wounded soldiers were receiving. He demanded the crystals be made at once. hen the healers told him they needed more time, a furious Gerit began to vent his anger upon a goblin that lay tied down to an experiment table. The creature was beaten and mutilated so badly that the healers, even though thy disliked goblins just as much as anybody else, begged Gerit to stop. It was then that Gerit cut out the heart of the goblin and threw it at their feet. The heart was still beating. One of the healers, a young man named Deodarus, yelled 'Eureka!' and before the stunned eyes of his colleagues created a compound that distilled the beating heart's life energy and transfered it to a potion. The healing crystals themselves were never replicated. But red-coloured potion proved to be just as effective. So it was that the very heart of the enemy led to the salvation of every warrior wounded during the Great War.