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Anne is the daughter of a champion and kidnap victim living in Aleroth.


Anne is the daughter of the Champion, Richard who is stationed in Broken Valley Village. She lives with her boyfriend Tom at the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth, along with their roommates Hansel and Laeniel.

She has been abducted by Luxurius and is being held in the private chambers at Luxurius' Mansion to be used as a sex slave.

Anne returns to the Cosy Dwelling after being rescued. As one may have read in the unsealed letter found at the house, her father wants her to leave Tom and find a better man.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

You can convince her that her father is right because Tom is incapable of defending her. This causes her to break up with Tom, rewarding the "Parental Approval" achievement.


Anne can be mind read twice:

  1. While at Luxurius' Mansion for 15000 exp: "My father Richard wants me to marry a valiant man, a Champion! But Tom is ... is valiant in his own right, isn't he?"
  2. At the Cosy Dwelling (prior to convincing her to leave Tom) for 22500 exp: "You gain new insights (one stat point)." This option only if she was also mindread at Luxurius' Mansion)

Related questsEdit

  • Beauty And The Beast - Anne is being held as a sex slave by Luxurious and can be rescued from his mansion.