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Another Crazed Mage is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.

This quest is obtained in The Black Cove, when entering one of two rooms immediately after defeating the Source Abomination. A dialogue will automatically be initiated with the ghost of a mage called Billeh Gahr. The entire room is rigged to explode if you take a single step.


  1. After ending the dialogue check closely which character from your party is standing on the trap that triggered the dialogue (green circle in the image below). Unlink this member from your party so that the others can search freely for the disarming switch. 
  2. In the left corner you will notice a chest, a crate and a barrel. Move the crate (red arrow in the image below) out of the way and you will find a small switch. Press the switch to disarm the trap and complete the quest.


  • 1680 XP
  • 630 Exploration XP for entering the room


  • If you have a character with high enough Perception he can detect the trap before you step on it.
  • Billeh Gahr is an obvious reference to the rhyming mage Bellegar, who appears throughout the game.