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Who are you? Why are you disturbing me in my room? - When Lucian enters in room.

Anthrabert is a character in 1218 AD.


Anthrabert is a merchant attempting to create an organization to control all traveling merchants in Rivellon. To this end, he is attempting to buy out any travelling merchants and their companies, or remove them from the competition as necessary.

He is short tempered and rude, though Mpenzak does not believe he is the type who would resort to violence or crime to achieve his ends.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

If the player enters his room in the Ducal Inn, he will be annoyed at the intrusion and demand the player to leave, but ask the player if they are interested in work before they go. If asked about this job, he will ask the player to burn Mpenzak's cart down in order to remove the competition to his up-and-coming merchant league, though will refuse to divulge the reason.

  • If rejected, later it turns out somebody burnt cart anyway.
    • Returning to Anthrabert with this news does not worry him as he states he can simply buy his way out of prison, and he attacks Lucian with the hopes of ensuring his involvement remains unknown.
    • The player can also inform the guardsman at the scene of the arson and rat out Anthrabert. Doing so removes both him and Mpenzak from the game and gives experience.

During the quest A Bottle of Wine, Corinna will ask the player to purchase a bottle of Exquisite Wine from Pierce of Pierce's Wine Barrel. Pierce will inform the player that Anthrabert has purchased the final bottle, and the player will need to go to him if he wishes to get it. Anthrabert will demand the player burn Mpenzak's cart if he wishes to get the bottle.

  • If the player does not wish to burn the cart, the bottle is listed in his trade inventory and can be purchased outside of dialogue.
  • If the player kills Anthrabert after the burning of Mpenzak's cart, the Exquisite Wine can be picked up but will not trigger the quest state for A Bottle of Wine, breaking the quest. As such, the bottle should be purchased as soon as the player receives Corinna's quest.

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