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Mark me, Dragon Slayer!

Lord Arben is a former Dragon Slayer whose spirit haunts the crypt beneath the Chapel in 1300 AD.


Lord Arben was one the most known, recognised and powerful Dragon Slayers to have existed, leading the invasion of the Orobas Fjords, and thus, the fall of the Dragon Knight Orobas.

In his final years, he retreated to Broken Valley and died of old age in the solitude of a crypt beneath the church. As the final dragon knight had yet to be slayed, he was unable to pass to the Hall of Echoes and remained in the crypt as a ghost. There he lay until 1300 AD when the newly fledged dragon slayer was tasked with entering his tomb.

Following Arben's defeat in the battle between the 2 generations of slayer, he passes over his sword and pins his hopes on this new slayer to defeat the last dragon knight so he may finally pass away in peace.

Interactions with the Player Character[]


Mind Reading[]

The ghost of Arben thinks of his shield: how it was lost in combat with Orobas and how it must still be there in the crypt the Dragon fled into.
Reveals location of Arben's Shield.

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Development Notes[]

In design documents for Divinity II game Arben was father of the main character and the bodyguard of the Divine.