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An account of Bloodmoon Island's history and the exorcism of Sha-Lamora.

Archivist's journal is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


This book is located in the Bloodmoon island archive.


The dark presence encroaches. Let this journal serve, then, as a monument to truth - a rare treasure in a world built on lies.

To whomever reads this, please know: we only intended to protect, never harm. No priest I know would see the innocent suffer. Bloodmoon Island's very purpose was to keep Rivellon safe - to exorcise and cleanse, to relieve demon-infested souls wherever we might find them.

Not every victim is so easily purified. These are truly the unlucky ones, destined to writhe eternally, vessels for demons too stubborn to return to the plane they call home. Eleanessa was one such vessel. Daeva brought the elf Sourcerer here. She was limp, glass-eyed, silent. We all felt the presence when we drew near. We knew such darkness could never be cast out. She would be banished to the vaults, along with the priest unlucky enough to shackle her.

But it was never to be. Daeva had tired of seeing brothers and sisters sacrificed. He performed the exorcism on Eleanessa himself, in spite of our protests, in spite of our prayers. And so the shadow was released.

Eleanessa did not survive the exorcism - but I take some comfort in knowing an Ancestor tree will grow where she fell. As for Daeva, I do not know his fate - I rushed to the archive, knowing the presence must never be allowed to sing the hymn and enter the vaults. Yet I have found but one; where the rest may be, I can't be certain. So now, I wait. The shadow will soon engulf me.

Whatever Bloodmoon Island might become, know what it once was: a temple of hope and healing. I pray this is how you remember us.

- Archivist Blayre Cydow