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Description about the Arena Mode[]

Arena mode is a game mode for 2 to 4 players featured in original Divinity Original Sin 2 where the heroes were unnamed. In the Definitive edition Larian released 16 heroes with which you can create a team up to 4 heroes (depends on map rules) and play against other players online.

Heroes list - alphabetical[]


Alexandar (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Hydrosophist, Geomancer

·        Abilities – Hydrosophist: Healing Ritual, Hail strike, Rain, Winter Blast

·        Abilities – Geomancer: Worm Tremor, Fortify, Impalement, Living Wall

·        Source Abilities: Acid spores, Summon artillery plant

·        Talent: Living Armor

·        Description: Son of Lucian and Divine apparent, Alexandar uses his power to protect and heal throughout lad and sea.

Braccus []

Braccus (Original Sin 2 Classic)

Combat Skills: Warfare, Necromancer

·        Abilities – Warfare: Rush attack, whirlwind, Taunt, Enrage

·        Abilities – Necromancer: Death wish, Living on the Edge, Shackles of pain, Mosquito swarm

·        Source Abilities: Grasp of the Starved, Overpower

·        Talent: Picture of Health

·        Description: War and death were the mad Sourcerer king Braccus´ constant companions on his quest for power. Resist at your peril.

Dallis the Hammer[]

Dallis (portrait)

·  Combat Skills: Warfare, Polymorph

·        Abilities – Warfare: Whirlwind, Enrage, Crippling blow, Battle stomp, Phoenix Dive

·        Abilities – Polymorph: Spider legs, Tentacle lash, Bull horns

·        Source Abilities: Forced exchange, Overpower

·        Talent: Executioner

·        Description: Dallis the Hammer is the finest general of the Divine Order. Adaptive and battle-tempered, she´s forged many paths to victory.


Gareth (Classic)

·       Combat Skills: Warfare, Geomancer

·       Abilities – Warfare: Battle stomp, Crippling blow, Deflection, Bouncing shield, Guardian angel

·       Abilities – Geomancer: Fortify, Reactive armor, Mend metal

·       Source Abilities: Thick of the fight, Overpower

·       Talent: What a rush

·       Description: Brave and steadfast, the Seeker Gareth is a natural leader and veteran of battlefields throughout Rivellon.


Jahan (Original Sin 2 Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Pyrokinetic, Geomancer

·        Abilities – Pyrokinetic: Fireball, Ignition, Laser Ray, Flaming Crescendo

·        Abilities – Geomancer: Poison dart, Earthquake, Fossil strike, Impalement

·        Source Abilities: Summon Fireslug, Meteor Shower

·        Talent: Torturer

·        Description: A demon hunter who makes evildoers tremble, Jahan´s purpose in life is to burn the forces of darkness from the land.

Kniles the Flenser[]

Kniles (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Scoundrel, Necromancer

·        Abilities – Scoundrel: Terrifying Cruelty, Sawtooth Knife, Gag Order, Cloak and Dagger, Corrupted Blade

·        Abilities – Necromancer: Shackles of pain, Corrosive Touch (geomancer ability), Vampyric Hunger (hydrosophist ability)

·        Source Abilities: Daggers Drawn, Black Shroud

·        Talent: Leech

·        Description: An expert in torment, Kniles knows just where to stick the knife in. His luckiest victims die quickly - and stay dead.


Lohar (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Scoundrel, Polymorph

·        Abilities – Scoundrel: Adrenaline, Backlash, Ruptured Tendons, Corrupted Blade, Sleeping Arms

·        Abilities – Polymorph: Chicken Claw, Chameleon Cloak, Spider Legs

·        Source Abilities: Fan of Knives, Mortal Blow

·        Talent: The Pawn

·        Description: Dark magic and treacherous cunning defines the infamous dwarven crime lord Lohar. Where will he appear, and what form will he take?

Lord Arhu[]

Arhu (Original Sin 2 Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Summoning, Polymorph

·        Abilities – Summoning: Conjure Incarnate, Dimensional Bolt, Shadow Infusion, Power Infusion, Elemental Totem

·        Abilities – Polymorph: Chicken Claw, Medusa Head, Flay Skin

·        Source Abilities: Ethereal Storm, Planar Gateway

·        Talent: Comeback Kid

·        Description: Confidant of the Divine himself, Arhu is a cunning wizard, adept  at changing his form and summoning aid to his side.


Lucian (Original Sin 2 Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Warfare, Pyrokinetic

·        Abilities – Warfare: Whirlwind, Blitz Attack, Phoenix Dive, Cleanse Wounds (Hydrosophist ability)

·        Abilities – Pyrokinetic: Firebrand, Fire Whip, Sparkling Swings, Flaming Crescendo

·        Source Abilities: Epidemic of Fire, Onslaught

·        Talent: Opportunist

·        Description: The champion of the Gods, guardian of the Source and fiery scourge of the Void, Lucian is a legend without equal.


Malady (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Warfare, Aerotheurge, Polymorph – Spread Your Wings

·        Abilities – Warfare: Battering Ram, Whirlwind, Blitz Attack, Crippling Blow

·        Abilities – Aerotheurge: Teleportation, Blinding Radiance, Uncanny Evasion

·        Source Abilities: Onlaught, Closed Cirquit

·        Talent: Walk It Off

·        Description: Fast as lightning and twice as deadly, the half-demon Malady teleports with ease, leaving vanquished foes in her wake.

Radeka the Witch[]

Radeka (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Aerotheurge, Necromancer

·        Abilities – Aerotheurge: Teleportation, Vacuum Touch, Dazed Bolt, Electric Discharge, Superconductor

·        Abilities – Necromancer: Mosquito swarm, Raining Blood, Silencing Stare

·        Source Abilities: Thunderstorm, Chain Lightning

·        Talent: Savage Sortilege

·        Description: A soul-hungry Black Ring witch, Radeka wields blood and thunder, and enthrals the dead to her side.


Ryker (classic)

·        Combat Skills: Huntsman, Summoning

·        Abilities – Huntsman: Ricochet, Reactive Shot, Tactical Retreat, Ballistic Shot, Erratic Wisp (Aerotheurge ability)

·        Abilities – Summoning: Elemental Totem, Dimensional Bolt, Condor

·        Source Abilities: Planar Gateway, Arrow Storm

·        Talent: Far Out Man

·        Description: A notorious Lone Wolf assasin, Ryker rules fiefdom of the dead. His bow rarely misses, while his thrals clamour for blood.


Saheila - icon

·        Combat Skills: Huntsman, Geomancer, Polymorph – Chameleon Cloak

·        Abilities – Huntsman: Ricochet, Marksman´s Fang, Tactical Retreat, Pin Down

·        Abilities – Geomancer: Poison Dart, Poison Wave, Contamination

·        Source Abilities: Pyroclastic Eruption, Arrow Spray

·        Talent: Elemental Ranger

·        Description: A daughter of the forest and elven far-seer, Saheila´s aim is true and her crossbow is merciless.

Slane the Dragon Knight[]

Slane the Dragon Knight - icon

·        Combat Skills: Warfare, Hydrosophist, Polymorph – Spread Your Wings

·        Abilities – Warfare: Bouncing Shield, Crippling Blow

·        Abilities – Hydrosophist: Hail Strike, Ice Fan, Deep Freeze, Global Cooling, Ice Breaker

·        Source Abilities: Steam Lance, Hail Storm

·        Talent: Ice King

·        Description: Scourge of the skies, Slane the Winter Dragon can chill the blood and freeze the bones of his foes.


Tarquin (Classic)

·        Combat Skills: Necromancer, Summoning

·        Abilities – Necromancer: Silencing Stare, Living on the Edge, Bone Widow, Infect, Raise Bloated Corpse

·        Abilities – Summoning: Dimensional Bolt, Elemental Bolt, Dominate Mind

·        Source Abilities: Totems of the Necromancer, Grasp of the Starved

·        Talent: Ambidextrous

·        Description: Who needs blades, with a mind as sharp as Tarquin´s? The darkest of arts are his to summon against his foes.


Zandalor - icon

·        Combat Skills: Hydrosophist, Aerotheurge

·        Abilities – Hydrosophist: Rain, Restoration, Soothing Cold, Winter Blast

·        Abilities – Aerotheurge: Dazing Bolt, Superconductor, Teleportation, Electric Discharge

·        Source Abilities: Hail Storm, Time Warp

·        Talent: Elemental Affinity

Description: First amongst wizards, the legendary Zandalor can bend even air and water to his bidding.