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For information about a quest, see The Arena of Fort Joy.
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Arena of Fort Joy is a cavern under Fort Joy on Reapers' Eye.


The Arena of One is one of several arenas located throughout Rivellon dedicated to discerning the chosen one through combat.


Upon entering the Arena from the trap door located in Griff's kitchen Thola can be found stood behind a pedestal. The arena itself can be seen below the entry way to north and consists of three rough sections, divided by ruined walls. The central section of the arena has a raised platform on the north and south eastern corners; the southern platform stands alone, however, the northern platform is connected to the eastern section of the arena through an open archway. The ground level of the central section is also sloped at both ends, from each the combatants begin their battle; challengers on the south side and defenders to the north. At the base of these slopes and oil barrel is located on the eastern side, slightly closer to the challengers side than the defenders.

Within the eastern section of the arena, there is a chest which can be opened and on the north wall, a ladder leading up to the defence platform on the north side of the central section.

The western section of the arena is devoid of any notable features; the ground is largely flat.



  • Carson, the Snickering One
  • Thola, The Thorny One
  • Ivor, the Vast One
  • Mia, the Faithful One
  • Sepp, the Burnished One



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Area notes[]

  • The Arena can only be challenged once. If the party is defeated, they will be returned to the upper area with their health restored.
  • The chest in the eastern section of the arena can only opened while undertaking the arena challenge. Once completed, this chest will become unobtainable.

Gift Bag Notes[]

  • If Gift Bag: Song of Nature feature Fort Joy Magic Mirror is enabled, the mirror will appear at west of the entrance (to the right of the ladder) and allow character customisation prior to boarding the Lady Vengeance. The coordinates of the mirror are x: 41, y: 624.
    • Note that enabling this feature will disable achievments.


Interactive Map[]