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Oh, I am but a wizard, a guardian of man and beast; and indeed I am both.


Arhu is a wizard in Cyseal who called for Source Hunter's help for investigation of the murder of Councillor Jake.


Divine Divinity Edit

Before the events of the game, Arhu led Joram to the hero's unconscious body, so he could take them back to Aleroth. The hero first consciously meets him while working as Lord Protector to Duke Janus Ferol, who has named him "Ernie" and thinks he is a normal cat. Arhu later appears to help the hero escape Iona's dungeon, and after that travelling through the wastelands with Zandalor.

Arhu never takes on his human form in Divine Divinity, and this ability is never referenced either, but he is shown to be capable of human speech, as well as teleportation.

Divinity: Original Sin Edit

You first meet Arhu when you try to enter Cyseal after the fight with Orcs on the beach. He recommends to go to Aureus the Legion commander and start investigating the crime. The very second floor of Legion Headquarters is Arhu's home. In the monetary he usually takes the form of a white cat..

Cyseal is protected by magical ballistas Arhu made. Without them, the city would have already been flooded by the Undead and Orcs. But not only he succeeded in invention; there is a huge robot that suddenly went berserk. Arhu SparkMaster 5000, the insane robot, is the first boss you meet in the game. You can find details in this link.

Later on, he takes advantage of the ability to become a cat, and helps the Protagonists to infiltrate into the Immaculates' town; Silverglen and Hunter's Edge.

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