Divinity 2 Artemas

Artemas is a merchant who is located at the entrance to Dragon Cliff Castle (site of Orobas Crypt), in the Orobas Fjords. He worships Ouroboros and Dragon Knight Orobas, and trades with fellow worshipers, but is also involved in selling Dragon items found among the castle ruins to Champions. It is this gold that allows them to buy necessities in High Hall and Aleroth.

He sells uncommon and rare Armor and Weapons, Jewelry, Charms, Potions, and (possibly more than one) Formula. After the quest Down the Hatch, he lowers his prices.


Mindreading him at any time lowers his prices, and reveals the following:

Smile upon me favourably Ouroboros, god of Dragons, and upon Ororbas, my kind master, now and in the afterlife.