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Arx has become the centre of power for the Divine Order and the base for the Paladins, whose devotion to Lucian and Lucian’s way remains unwavering.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Arx is one of the major human cities located on Rivellon.


After godwoken escape from the Nameless Isle in 1242 AD, Malady transports them near Arx. When godwoken reach the city gates, they find out the city is besieged by voidwoken. Only after dealing with voidwoken, they are given access to the city.

Within the city godwoken the godwoken may proceed into the Cathedral and attempt the Path of Blood to gain access into the Crypt of Lucian. If godwoken do not find themselves pure enough they have to resort into seeking help from Lord Arhu, the keeper of the crypt.

Places of interest[]

  • Ancient Empire Consulate
  • Good Counsel School
  • Kemm's Gardens
  • Kemm's Mansion
  • Magister Barracks
  • Old Lady's House
  • Prison
  • Toymaster's Shop
  • The Black House
  • The Cathedral
  • The Crypt of Lucian
  • The Estate of Micheil Ros
  • The Groom's House
  • The Loremaster's House

Developer information[]

Arx is based on the city of Ghent in Belgium, the home of one of Larian's development studios.[1]


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