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Asmodheus is an arch-demon in Beyond Divinity who serves the Damned One.


Asmodheus came up with the plan on how to return to Damian to Rivellon. He made a deal with the Raanaar to protect the academy from Samuel and his demons. he did honor the bargain but in the process he cursed the inhabitants to haunt the academy forever as ghosts.

In act 3 Asmodheus will invite the paladin and Damian over to visit him. Then Asmodheus will ask the player a couple of riddles, if the player answers the questions wrongly Asmodheus will torture an Imp if the player answers correctly will he also torture the imp. after the player answers Asmodheus's questions. Then Asmodheus will change Elder Anlokam into a summoning doll and give it to the player. Later Samuel will ask Asmodheus were the death knight and the paladin are, but Asmodheus protects the death knight and the paladin knowing the death knight is Damian.

Related quests[]

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Noteable quotes[]

  • "Don't even try to understand me and my motives Sammy."
  • "its a pleasure to meet you in person, human. I've heard *so* much about you and your little dark friend."
  • "Do not be alarmed! Even though you're Samuel's enemy, be assured, you're not mine... Actually, I was very amused when I heard about your escape"


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