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Assignment #17-D-3.1 is a book in Divine Divinity. The book outlines the plan to assassinate the previous Duke of Ferol.


It drops from Cybu at the end of the expose the duke's murderer quest.


VALUE: 150,000 gc. PAID
TARGET: Duke Pendrak Ferol, Stormfist Castle, Rivertown
OPERATIVE: High Master Cybu
*Highest secrecy.*


On the 4th of Fengali, the target will participate in a forest hunt. Hunting party is scheduled to leave Stormfist Castle around the 9th hour. At the archer’s guild, a few elven nobles will join the party. The party will then proceed south to the forest. On the clearing, just east of the swamp, a herd of wild boars will be chased towards the party by other operatives of the guild – see assignment #17-E-3.1.
Making use of the commotion, the operative assigned to this task should hit the target with a hunting arrow prepared with substance P7. Target MUST NOT be hurt lethally! Substance P7 will cause fevers followed by a fatal heart crisis within the next fortnight.