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Dragon Knight! It is indeed a most fortuitous, yet prestigious, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Pray, may I, Astridax, suggest a highly piquant proposal, the positive conclusion to which will nominate us both as the beneficiaries of considerable copiousness?
Astridax when he sees the Dragon Knight

Astridax is a necromancer who can be found outdoors in an alcove near Alzbeta's Emporium, across the road from the waypoint shrine on Lanilor Lane of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


His writings (on a nearby bench) reveal that he has recently acquired a book about ancient Orc magic from Mysus at the Black Market, and is interested in using it to bind souls to an object, enslaving them. To do so, he needs three pieces of jewelry that were owned and cherished by recently deceased people.

Interactions with the player character[]



None so shrewd or I can coax them to minister to my every demand. Acumen is the key.
The Knight gains a 5-point boost to intelligence stat

Related quests[]

  • After completing the first dialog with Astridax, you receive the quest Sinister Motives.