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For Augmentor in Divinity: Original Sin II, see Augmentor (Original Sin 2).
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Augmentor is a type of miscellaneous item in Divine Divinity.


A plant native to Rivellon, augmentor is a powerful alchemy ingredient, allowing alchemists to create the largest of Potions when used with other mixtures.



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  • Attempting to use augmentor without the adequate Alchemy level will fail the mixing, losing potion and augmentor in process. Exception is with super size potion, which don't do anything with augmentor.
  • Augmentor is single use.
  • It's not possible to move augmentor.
  • Successful potion mixtures will end up on the ground right next to the augmentor, and can sometimes clip throught objects. One example is in Aleroth, north of the healing shrine: potions mostly end up in the house right next to the augmentor.