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General Augustus is a notably cheerful and one of the kinder high-ranking Champions in Aleroth. Unlike many others, he welcomed the Dragon Knight as warmly as he welcomed Rhode, and bears no prejudice towards the draconic hero, despite Rhode's insistence. He understood Zandalor's explanation of the hero's quest to free Rivellon from Damian's grasp. The Dragon Knight found the General holding off the hysterical and panicking crowd in Aleroth at the gates of the Ministry when the undead abominations and demons spawned by accident and had ravaged half of the Healer City due to Zandalor removing the shield from Behrlihn's captivity to aid the Dragon Knight's quest to the Hall of Echoes.

Augustus is also the first NPC the player interacts with in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He gives the Dragon Knight directions to many of the merchant's location scattered in Aleroth and assigns the main plot quests.

Divinity II: Ego DraconisEdit


Found on the steps outside the Ministry in the Great Market district of Aleroth.


Divinity II: Flames of VengeanceEdit


Initially found on the steps outside the Ministry in the Great Market district. Following your first conversation he goes inside the Ministry.


You can mindread Augustus to gain new insights (one stat point).

Quests Edit

After introductions and some basic directions he gives you two quests: