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I have been around a while and I know well not to simply accept given truths. That dragons were innocent victims of the Damned One’s schemes, I did not realize. But that Zandalor is held in disfavour for all the wrong reasons, I have known all along.

General Augustus is a notably cheerful and kind high-ranking Champion in Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Unlike many others, he welcomed the Dragon Knight as warmly as he welcomed Rhode; bearing no prejudice towards the draconic hero, despite Rhode's insistence. He understood Zandalor's explanation of the hero's quest to free Rivellon from Damian's grasp.

The Dragon Knight found the General holding off the hysterical and panicking crowd in Aleroth at the gates of the Ministry when the undead abominations and demons spawned by accident and had ravaged half of the healer city due to Zandalor removing the shield from Behrlihn's captivity to aid the Dragon Knight's journey to the Hall of Echoes.

Augustus is also the first person the Dragon Knight meets upon their return from the Plane of Hypnerotomachia, giving the Dragon Knight directions to many of the merchant's location scattered in Aleroth and assigns the main plot quests.

Interactions with Player Character - Ego Draconis[]


Related Quests[]

  • Come to No Harm - the Dragon Knight has to speak with him to unlock the waypoint shrine leading to the Ministry

Interactions with Player Character - Flames of Vengeance[]


* He approaches the Knight in after their return.


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