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Aulus and Minius are Champions who are sent to the Temple of Nimir during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. The pair are perhaps more than colleagues, as Madam Eve seems to suggest in her charter, saying they often rent a room in her brothel together, and don't always request a courtesan. Messalina also comments, "I'm thinking they're a bit too fond of each other."


Their superior, Messalina at Circle of Trust Inn in the Mardaneus Plaza district, is concerned that Aulus and Minius have not yet returned from their mission and asks you to find out what happened to them for the quest Old Dog or New Tricks?.

You'll find them outside the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane, arguing over who should enter the temple. Both seem to think the other will surely die within: Aulus thinks that Minius is too inexperienced, and Minius thinks that Aulus is too old. It is up to the Dragon Knight to decide who goes. The choice has implications for the men (see below), but is of little consequence for the hero.

Whoever is not chosen expresses concern for their colleague and asks the Dragon Knight to protect them, before walking to the Phoenix Inn for some ale (remaining at the inn's bar for the rest of the game).


According to Minius, the gray-haired senior Champion, Aulus, was in a battalion led by the Divine during the Great War. He can be mindread on Lanilor Lane for 7500 exp to reveal that he is hiding an injury: "Thank the Divine they haven't noticed my wound. I may need a healer, but I'll be damned if I let another die in my stead." This allows an additional dialogue choice but has no other effect.

If he is sent to the Temple of Nimir the gate to the treasure room is found open, and Aulus' corpse is discovered within. Although Minius later mentions Aulus at the Phoenix Inn, it is not possible to inform him of Aulus' demise.


If Minius is sent to the Temple of Nimir he gets trapped behind a wall, and can be rescued by solving a puzzle. He reveals the location of the key to the treasure room if mindread (15000 exp) before leaving: "I wonder what that key is for. But I don't want to take it from a skeleton's hand. Those catacombs give me the creeps." Note that the key is present and can be looted without mindreading him.

If rescued, speaking to Aulus at the Phoenix Inn reveals that Minius lied about the events in the temple. He reverses the roles to make himself a hero, saying that he freed the Dragon Knight from the trap.