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A bright, shimmering magical shield protects the caster from all forms of physical attacks
Skill description

Aura of Guarding is a Mage skill in Divine Divinity.


Creates a ward that absorbs physical damage around Lucian. The ward's health is shown in the top-left corner of the screen. The ward dissipates when resting. See also Spellshield for the magical damage ward. Both spells can be active at the same time.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 10 Absorbs 60 damage. 10
2 18 Absorbs 80 damage. 12
3 26 Absorbs 100 damage. 14
4 34 Absorbs 120 damage. 16
5 42 Absorbs 140 damage. 18


  • Skillbooks can be found on bookshelves and bought from NPC's.
  • On items with suffix of Shielding.