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In more primitive days, some human elders deemed it necessary for youngsters to set out with a common axe, hunt for a troll, and return with a trophy ascend into manhood. As can be imagined many of these youths celebrated their short-lived adulthood in said animal's stomach. Village women would therefore band together to pay for grand axes of majestic properties and so give their sons a fighting chance. An axe like this proves that in time it was the troll who'd draw the short end of the straw.
Item description

The Axe of Ascension is a special one-handed axe in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


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The Axe of Ascension can only be purchased from Alzbeta at Alzbeta's Emporium.


The price can be lowered twice, once by mindreading Alzbeta and a second time by agreeing to keep her activities a secret in An Appetite For Murder.

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