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Good to see you, human! Finally I have some meat to cleave!

Ba'al is a demon overlord in the Black Ring cult and one of the Damned One's mightiest minions.


Ba'al is an arch-demon who has been allied with the Black Ring for a long time. Millenium prior to being approached by the Dragon Knight, he lead the invasion into Valley of Shrines that lead to Lord Lovis' downfall and the valley's renaming to Broken Valley.

As of 1300 AD, Damian commanded him to retrieve the sigil that could open the portal to the Hall of Echoes. It was also at this time he was, after claiming the sigil, approached by the Dragon Knight. The ensuing battle resulted in his death.

Bearing tremendous grudge against the Knight he tries to slay the Knight once again within the Hall of Echoes and once more fails to do so.

Interactions with the player character[]



You have gained new insights.
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You have gained new insights.
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Related quests[]

  • Lock and Key
    • He must be defeated in order to acquire the Sigil for the main quest.

Related Achievments[]