Good to see you, human! Finally I have some meat to cleave!

– Ba’al

Ba'al is a demon overlord in the Black Ring and one of the Damned One's mightiest minions.


It was he who lead the Invasion of Valley of Shrines that lead to Lord Lovis' downfall and the valley's renaming to Broken Valley.

Ba'al is sent in search of the Hall of Echoes Sigil at the Broken Valley Mine, and is met by the Slayer.

Ba'al is met once again inside the Hall of Echoes.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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  • He can be mind read to gain two skill points
  • He can be mind read a second time to gain an additional skill point before being defeated.

Related questsEdit

He must be defeated in order to acquire the Sigil for the main quest.


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